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About Us: Our Story

In reflection I think 2020 has been a year on the pause button for most people and businesses across Australia. Communities across the world are dealing with the disruption of COVID-19 and the travel/freighting restrictions it has caused.

Australian’s are a resourceful people, and when put to this challenge came up with a way to deal with the changing business environment. On reflection a lot of businesses received support from the government and local communities, Australian consumers looked to spend locally and save Australian businesses and jobs.

I had the time to breathe and reassess my possible future, this year has given me the time to revisit old hobbies and ideas for supporting the sustainability of the environment. With new and old businesses more focused on the eco-sustainable market after seeing the changes that happened with complete lockdown clearing our air pollution it has now become time to rethink the environmental impact and work toward a new world.

One of these ideas I had come up 16 years ago when I was looking at reducing plastic waste in the environment. I wanted to replace plastic bags, plastic film and non-reusable plastic waste that ends up in landfill. The idea was to make products out of a cloth material that could be frozen, heated, and would got through the washing machine cycle without degrading.

At the time there was a lot of experimental products and expensive materials floating around in the marketplace, nothing that was suitable so I kept an eye on the recycle/upcycle movement in the hope’s consumer demand would push for change. 

During this time, I worked in accounts learning about management, preparing myself towards my future goal of bringing my business idea to life.

Fast forward 2020 and the materials and idea for replacing plastic are all around us. Finally, the market has matured with an environmental conscience and is ready for the launch of Bag Jeanie and my desire to reduce plastic waste.

However, I do not want to just replace plastics with another product, Bag Jeanie is about reducing landfill waste and providing a reusable eco-sustainable product that is bio-degradable, preferably natural fibres or products that will easily break down in the environment. 

I want to encourage my customers to reuse the products they buy for years to come and then donate them to
charities so they will never end up in landfill

So here we are:  an Australian made product, produced in the workroom of a suburban house in the Brisbane suburb of Corinda, Queensland. The manufacturing process is solar powered, I am aiming at a zero waste to landfill process, with carbon neutral production processes, the delivery to our customers will be carbon offset.

All the materials used are sourced in Australia locally so I can support other Australian businesses with the same mission and ethics as my own business. Bag Jeanie bags are all made from products that would normally end up in landfill across Australia, this is in line with our mission to reduce waste.

We happily take donations of natural textile products and transform them into what you see today on our sales pages; shopping bags, bin liners, pet products (available 2021), throw rugs (available 2021) expanding into more products every month.

My personal financial support goes to charities like Animal Welfare League, Gold Coast and RSPCA for projects focused on the environment and animal rescue.


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Our Mission

To be environmentally supportive as possible so you and I can continue to enjoy this beautiful country and all its natural wonders. To reduce plastic waste in the world starting here in Queensland, Australia because I love the bush and the beach and hate the rubbish that pollutes these places.

To encourage the younger generation to become Eco-Sustainable and recycle, reuse, and refuse companies who are not eco-sustainable in their business processes. When you throw away rubbish whether plastic non-biodegradables or biodegradables you pollute your own backyard and the backyard of the koalas, possums, and all wildlife.

To re-train the older generation to lead by example as I do with my worm farms for food waste, compost bins for garden waste, container return programs including the Lids for Kids program, and reducing waste by purchasing at fresh food markets with my Bag Jeanie shopping bags. It is easy once you know how.

So… Be the solution of the future… see the change in our planet… and do what truly makes you happy.